Athena Renee @ Sweet Auburn Music Fest

Sweet Auburn Music FEST, 301 Auburn Ave, Atlanta, GA

Sweet Auburn Music Fest

The Sweet Auburn Music Fest (S.A.M.F) is a multi-genre music festival featuring three distinct forms of music R&B, Hip-Hop & Gospel, but is inclusive of all .


Music - An Art form whose medium is sound and silence, by combining vocal and or instrumental sounds to produce pitch, rhythm, dynamics of timbre and texture to produce Harmony.


Festival - A festival is an event, unusually and ordinarily, staged by a local community which centers on and celebrated some unique aspect of that community through the event.

Sweet Aburn Music Fest

With the Sweet Auburn Music Fest we create an atmosphere of harmony and peace within the Atlanta community. Closing the gap between young & old, Black & White, rich & poor with music that appeals to all regardless of creed class or color.

This Spring 2012′s Sweet Auburn Music Fest’s performers include Ruben Studdard, K-Jon, Regina Belle, Elle Varner, Smokie Norful, The Nevels Sisters, Vic Wobble, Veronica Petrucci, Urban Mystic, Antoine Dunn, & Angela Spivey, to name a few. And there’ll be all the usual festival fixtures, including artists & other vendors along Auburn Avenue.